October 25, 2009, 2:53 am
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more film and fashion.

so, ya know how people say film influences fashion and stuff? it looks like, in addition to the Alice in Wonderland-inspired designs that are on the way, Amelia Earhart-wear is also on the horizon. get it? on the horizon? ….sorry. Bloomingdale’s is already touting the “Amelia look”. it seems like the reviews for the film are kinda sucky, but i’d like to see it if only for the costumes. i’m sure there will be leather bomber jackets, neck scarves a la Snoopy as The Red Baron, jumpsuits and aviator shades, but i’m interested to see what other looks they throw in there.   about the aviator shades — i am not a fan. mostly because they look silly on me. so thanks a  bunch to this movie for making sure they’re not going away anytime soon. they look cool on other people though. in addition to being an aviatrix, amelia was a stylin’ lady and actually launched her own fashion line, so i bet the costuming will be supersnaz.

amelia is wearing fur. good thing there was no PETA back in the day. i like her mary janes.


adore her love of menswear.


this picture is amazing. she’s just chillin’ in her plane, getting ready for a little flying around, and the photo looks like something right out of a fashion spread. she was a really beautiful woman.


amelia doing her best james dean.


the flight suit! she puts every dude in top gun and george w. to shame.




great, stark shot. soulful eyes.


very tailored – seems unusual for her.


this one strikes me because it appears to be a type of flight suit, but also evokes current herve leger designs at the same time


katharine hepburn pants.


talk about timeless. take away the hat, step outside right now and you will see many a lady walking around in leggings, knee-high leather boots and a leather trench.


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