November 22, 2009, 9:02 pm
Filed under: chillin

michael kors kills me on project runway. i love when he says snarky shit like “oh, it’s a little DTM” (dyed-to-match) or “mm, yeah, the satin bolero is kind of MOB” (mother-of-the-bride). he is the king of bitchy acronyms. and i like that his designs are pretty normal. wearable. i mean, i don’t think being all avant garde and concept-y is a bad thing, but if everyone was all avant garde and concept-y all the time, how annoying would that be? michael kors makes pretty clothes that you can actually wear in real life. especially on vacation. which is nice. i like the icy blue, silver and cut-outs from his spring 2010 show. i feel like it’s easy for cut-outs to look either cheap or very “been done a million times before”, but, to me, these ones look elegant and fresh.

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