December 30, 2009, 12:27 am
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It’s almost 2010. Let’s have a toast, shall we? Grazia is feeling toasty.

1. Here’s to fewer pricks in the world. I mean it. Here’s to the pricks of the world taking a flying leap. More specifically, here’s to the pricks of the world staying the hell away from the nice people of the world.  If you know someone with a bad attitude, crap manners, negative outlook, mean spirit, shallow priorities, selfish nature or – gasp! the horror! –  lack of class and panache in how they conduct themselves, make 2010 the year you chuck ’em. Seriously, let’s get them an underground bunker or something where they can all hang out and be miserable, unkind,  joyless, panache-less shits together, away from the rest of us.

2. Here’s to all of you who want to get preggers (you know who you are, and there are several of you) getting preggers. That would be so cool.

3. Here’s to a healthy 2010. And not in a trite b.s. kind of way. Seriously. Healthy is good.

4. Here’s to Michael Jackson.

5. Here’s to……pocket squares! Yes, please.

6. Here’s to Fashion. Not in an annoying, Carrie Bradshaw, omg my life is shopping kind of way. Here’s to the joy, fun, color, vibrancy, multiculti exposure, means of self-expression and exploration, intelligence, technical ability, fantasy, celebration of male and female, sense of fabulosity and the just good goddam mood that this art form brings to lotsa people.

Salut, my loves!

Ciao, Grazia

COMING SOON (or whenever i get around to finishing it): Grazia’s take on this “Dresses of the Decade” business).

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