Golden Globes/SAGs Fashiony Stuff
January 27, 2010, 12:49 am
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1. Kate Hudson

Rocked it at the Globes. More alien technology. What the *hell* kind of fabric is that? It is completely, perfectly crisp and smooth and holding its shape. It’s like that really thick, smooth, fondant they put on fancy cakes. The white strapless, *gorgeously* detailed gown, tasselled earrings, bouffant-ish hair, red nails – now *that* is modern Marilyn Monroe.  As for her SAGs dress…meh. No, I take that back. It was better than meh. But it was meh in comparison to her Globes dress — she set the bar high with that one. Not sure why she went for back-to-back white. (Back-to-back, ha, get it?) My only complaint is that, from the front, it was a tad Dynasty. Is she planning to also wear white to the Oscars as a sort of white gown trifecta? Actually, that would be cool. If actresses started dressing thematically during awards season – like they are slowly unveiling a cohesive little mini-collection.  We shall see.

2. Diane Kruger

That pink LaCroix was all sorts of cotton candy, in the best way. And I don’t know why the little white bow-thing at the waist makes it perfect, but it does. The marigold gown was clearly reminiscent of Michelle Williams at the Oscars a few years ago, but different. Michelle’s look had more of a vintage-y feel, while Diane’s was more modern – and I love that she also wore non-white jewels with that color, like Michelle. Non-white jewels seem to work with that yellow, non?

3. Christina Hendricks

The color scheme of gown, skin, hair, lips was smashingness. A lot of people ragged on her because of her boobs. Kills me. Half of these chicks go out and pay good money for boobs like that. The only (minor) problem with that dress was that the skirt should have been more narrow. I think the lack of a narrowed hem took away from the overall hourglass/Jessica Rabbit effect, but not much because girlfriend was looking hot. That was a Christian Siriano dress. Holla, Project Runway. Christina’s SAGs dress – good, not super-inspired.

4. Some bitchery:

If Jennifer Aniston is not the most goddam boringly-dressed woman ever…Would it kill her to change her hairstyle this decade? Ever *not* wear “beachy” peach makeup? Put on, ya know, cobalt blue or something? I can’t with her.

Penelope Cruz is too hot to constantly wear black.

Michelle Monaghan needs a sandwich.

5. Generally,

The shoulder pads need to go away. Now. You can call them “structured” all you want. They are still shoulder pads.

When are they going to start wearing pants outfits on the red carpet? WHEN?

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