2010 Grammys Fashion
February 1, 2010, 12:33 am
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First, that 3D MJ tribute was the lameness. My Michael deserved better.

Anyway, so Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Nettles both wore dresses from Victoria Beckham’s collection which, I believe, Victoria actually designed. I like both dresses. Quite a bit. And this pains me because I don’t like Posh and I don’t want to like her dresses. And yet, they are quite nice. And these two don’t look completely like Roland Mouret ripoffs, like some of her dresses do. And, Lady Gaga must be addressed. Here’s the thing: I like some of her get-ups. What bugs me a bit about Gaga’s Get-ups being discussed as “fashion” is that, to me, they are not really “fashion”. They are costumes. The two are not entirely mutually exclusive, but they are not the same either. I see what Gaga wears as costumes which are part of the performance art aspect of what she does. They’re not, like, *clothes*, exactly.

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