Into It – – or Over It? Fall 2010 Runway Trends
July 16, 2010, 4:34 pm
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Ok, so the Fall 2010 shows are showing continuation of  trends that some people think are cute and others want to barf all over. Review said trends below and discuss in the comments section below! Am waiting with baited breath to get your take…

The “Strong Shoulder”.

It irks me that we’re calling this the “strong shoulder”. A strong shoulder is what your boyfriend has. Just because the label became taboo thanks to  80s powersuits, there is no escaping that these are in fact *shoulder pads*, goddammit. OK, so, “strong shoulders”: are you a fan of the bold, structured silhouette they provide or are you sick of ladies looking like Mad Max, Beyond The Thunderdome?

Military Jackets.

The military trend has been on for a while now. Are you loving this look and consider it adopted as a successfully revived new classic and not so much a “trend” anymore? Or, are you tired of feeling like a little soldier girl who may or may not be carrying a fife in her pocket?

This is a military jacket.      By Balmain.      MJ’s favorite.  AND she’s wearing Thriller-esque (in my mind, anyway) red leather pants. Please consider my delicate MJ sensibilities  when you comment, thanks.

Schizophrenic Shoes.

Are you a boot? Are you a sandal?! Are you a pump?!!  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Somebody turned off the electrical fencing between the pens and the shoe species got out and they intermingled…  mated…   MUTATED. Are you a fan of the versatility and freshness of these hybrids or do you prefer the comfort of being able to classify, with confidence, your boots as boots and sandals as sandals?

One Shoulder.

I mean, the one shoulder thing is not going anywhere, right? It’s an established timeless classic. An established timeless classic that has become ubiquitous of late. Are you a loyal fan of this asymmetry or ready for a break in the form of equality for shoulder straps?

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hahahaha, omg, i am SO OVER the big shoulders! the 80s are over!

Comment by melissa

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