Marchesa Spring 2011
September 19, 2010, 8:43 pm
Filed under: art, party girls

Damn.  That Georgina Chapman knows what she’s doing.

Since awards show season is coming up, I shall play stylist and put a few names with each of these. So pretty.

Ok, this is a LOT of dress, so the volume of it would probably be scaled back a bit for a red carpet. And then it would still be a lot of dress. I can see Drew Barrymore giving this a pretty good shot.  Or Charlize Theron, although she seems pretty loyal to Dior these days. This one would need a sleek updo, earrings and a few rings – black diamonds – that marcasite effect – and a red or dark berry lip.

Again, a lot of dress which would probably get edited for a carpet. I think Natalie Portman could pull it off. And the color would work well on her. This one would also require a sleek updo. I think silver would be interesting with this. Very spare silver sandals, a touch of silvery eye makeup.

OK, this one is less volume, but more drama. Has a lingerie quality to it. Diane Kreuger. Keira Knightley.  BUT, if Keira wears it, she needs to eat a sandwich first because I’m tired of seeing her ribcage. Light everything on this one. Light makeup, light jewels. A little bling on the ears and fingers, maybe some dark plum nail polish.

Princess-styles in full effect. Zoe Saldana.  Amanda Seyfried. I’d say Hathaway, but I think the princess thing is on overkill for that one.  (I could also see SJP’s dumb ass trying to wear this. Blurg.)  This is so over-the-top princess, you gotta go big or go home. Drop diamond earrings, diamond cuff bracelets, blinged-out clutch, red lip. Full on.

This one is a bit deceiving on the model because she has no curves. On someone with a shapely figure, I think this would be really sexy and create a much more vavavoom effect than it does in this shot. This would be amazing on Christina Hendricks. On Christina, orangey-red lip, sapphire earrings, ornate blue velvet clutch, bling shoes.

This one kills me. So beautiful. The draping and shaping looks painterly. And very, um, Suggestive. In a Georgia O’Keefe kind of way. Gwen Stefani.  With the red lip and platinum pompadour. YES.  This one’s for my Gwennie.

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