Oscar Fashion Snark: Paltrow’s Annoying Ass
February 27, 2011, 9:58 pm
Filed under: bitches

I wish she wasn’t so damn obnoxious because I really want to like this outfit. I adore the hip broach move. And it’s a cool dress. I really like interesting, minimalist stuff. One thing I don’t get: what is the point of ooohh-super-daring-way-low-cut necklines when you have NO cans? What’s the point of picking a dress like that when the only thing you’re showing off is your sternum and double sided tape skillz? I mean, I don’t think a dress like that is for a lady with a giant rack either. Such as Sofia Vergara. Or  moi. But an averagely-boobed girl would make more sense methinks. Anyway, ok fine, I like this dress, I like the hip broach, I like that she’s not wearing boring jewelry, but I hate you Gwyneth and I hope you get loads of zits and stub your toe really hard.


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