Favorites: Light Pink
September 9, 2012, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Favorites By Color, party girls

I’m only including here stuff that I found really memorable/striking and that reads fairly clearly as “light pink,” rather than fuschia, blush, nude, peach, lavender, etc.


X-Tina looking unusually classy.

Beyonce’s Pink C3PO Dress.

Fan Bing Bing actually wore this for something, but I feel like the mannequin version shows it more clearly.

Selena Gomez. The detailing is *leather*.


Michelle Williams. LOVE this, especially with the red lip and nails. Kind of retro princess plus modern at the same time.

Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress. Of course it is.


You know, with the crazy runway hair changed.


This dress is by some dude called William Travilla and was not the original costume for this number. The original was a nude fishnet body stocking covered in jewels, but there were fears that too much Marilyn naked-ness was happening and the film’s backers might pull their cash.

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