Golden Globes 2015 Post-Game: Some Random Observations
January 12, 2015, 5:07 pm
Filed under: awards season

Those floral Valentinos, that I’m sure are amazing in real life, do not photograph well on red carpets. I’d advise the stylists out there to stop with those for major red carpets. I think they’d work better for more naturally-lit outdoor occasions, like say a Cannes photo call.

The milkmaid braided headband thing needs a break.

White is going to be *the* color for spring/summer for regular people shopping.

Jennifer Aniston is dead to me.

The trend of a broader range of designers represented on major red carpets continues. Hurray! It’s almost like the pendulum has swung from carpets dominated by Dior, Versace, Armani, Chanel to carpets merely *dotted* with them.

The pants-y red carpet looks continue to creep up. Yes!

Heidi Klum manages to look kind of tacky even when she gets the sartorial choice right, which itself is rare enough. Heidi talking to Project Runway contestants about their “taste level” is ridic.

I love Amal’s gloves. Bring back the gloves!

Overall, it was another NOT total snoozefest, which was practically *always* the case in the not-so-distant past – – we are continuing in the right direction. Hurray!!

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