January 28, 2015, 6:35 pm
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For folks new to Coup De Grazia, here’s how Fantasy Stylist works:

Prior to an event, I summon my magical fashion superpowers and unleash them upon  a selection of anticipated attendees by ” virtually dressing” my ladies of choice and post the pictures of my fantasy styling of them here.

After the event, I post a  picture of my styling along with a picture of what each of these ladies actually wore.

And a poll.   This is where YOU come in.


You get to vote on whether you prefer what I picked for the lady to wear, versus what she actually wore. Kind of a “battle of the stylists” thing. (You can also post comments. Bitchy comments. Nice comments. Comments on how YOU would have dressed a lady. Comments on, I dunno, your favorite mustard? Do you even *like* mustard?)

I do Fantasy Stylist because I am sooooo tired of boring red carpet looks and am convinced these ladies can do much, much better….              With *my* styling, of course.  🙂

Next up:  The Oscars!     Twenty bucks says my fashion picks will soundly kick the ass of the competition.     All. A-Round. The. Room.  …Ahem. 

(Disclaimer: I’m not *really* giving any of you twenty bucks.  Please.  I HAVE SHOES TO BUY, OK?)

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This. Is. Awesome.

Comment by Mary Ognibene

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