February 26, 2015, 4:38 pm
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Carolina Herrera

I especially love the bows where the straps meet the bodice.

Michelle Obama Carolina Herrera

Michael Kors

 Hot pink, a great necklace and sleek hair.

Michelle Obama Michael Kors


Michelle Obama Michael Kors 3


Michelle Obama Michael Kors 2


Michelle loves her J.Crew – – and they love her for it!

And I love a FLOTUS who gets down with some high-low fashion.

You think Laura Bush has the modern sensibility to do H&M and J.Crew?

Yeah, no.

Michelle Obama J Crew

Peter Soronen

This is a woman who loves her statement necklaces —

 And knows how to deploy them.

Michelle Obama Peter Soronen

Calvin Klein

Because *chartreuse*, dahlings!

Michelle Obama Calvin Klein


Bringing that signature Halston 70’s flavor.

The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Michelle Obama Halston

The lookbook pic really highlihts how well Michelle

amped up the shape, color and styling of this dress.

Michelle Obama Halston 3

Duro Olowu

A superfun vacation-ready dress, orange shoes…. and The White House emblem.

Because why not?


Michelle Obama Duro Olowu

Naeem Khan

If I asked you 7 years ago if this look – – complete with metallic print, statement earrings and loads of bangles – – was for a Hollywood actress or the First Lady…

Would you have ever guessed First Lady?   


Michelle Obama Naeem Khan 2

Michelle Obama Naeem Khan

L’Wren Scott

Adorbs. That is all.

Michelle Obama LWren Scott

Thom Browne

Thom Browne is mostly a meanswear designer.

This coat is based on the print used on one of Thom’s menswear ties.

Take a man’s tie, then envision it as a coat-dress with a jeweled belt,

suede-detailed boots and contrasting gloves?  Skillz.

Michelle Obama Thom Browne 1


Michelle Obama Thom Browne 2


More high-low fabulosity.

Michelle Obama J Crew 2

Alexander McQueen

This.  Gown.  I cry hungry tears of want for this gown.

Michelle’s Best Ever.  (So far…)

Michelle Obama Alexander McQueen


Michelle Obama Alexander McQueen 2

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most stylish first lady ever?

Comment by Rachelle Annechino

oooh, you in danger girl. that’s jackie’s turf. i was tempted to throw in a “shots fired!”, but, um, yeah, no. for me? most stylish first lady ever, 100% yes. easily. by a landslide. not that i think jackie didn’t have game. but i think jackie’s held that title – until now – because she was the FIRST stylish first lady ever. and she keeps that title. but michelle takes MOST stylish first lady ever, and that’s while possibly (maybe) restraining herself a bit while in the white house. maybe she’s not restraining herself. i’m just saying, it’s possible she gets even more fabulous post-2TERMZ. she’s got the eye for it and, importantly, the innate joy for it.

Comment by grazia


Comment by Rachelle Annechino

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